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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

China 2011 Day 7

Sunday, May 16, 2011

Well, sadly, it’s my last day here but I’m starting to get homesick, so the timing is just right.  Since Jacky couldn’t make it yesterday, our plans are to visit his new office facility today.  I’ve definitely decided not venture out on my own today for breakfast, so I nibble on some fruit that we got at the market yesterday.  I’m sticking with the grapes; they are a familiar food from home.  I know Yuan will probably not arrive until around 11:00 AM so I get ready for the day and do a little packing.  I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning, so it gives me something to do.

Yuan arrives right about 11:00 AM and we sit and chat for a while.  He peals some strange looking fruit that he bought and it actually tastes very good.  So different are these flavors, I’m amazed.  Then he breaks open this strange looking purple fruit.  Inside there are about six small pieces of the oddest substance…feels like eyeballs L, but they were delicious.  But noontime comes and he’s ready for some lunch.  We venture back out into the streets to find a restaurant we haven’t tried yet.  It’s easy to find a restaurant here as there are restaurants everywhere.  We walk a few blocks and find one that serves a different type menu.  Each menu is completely different, so he always has to explain what to eat.   But, as usually, I’m very surprised how delicious and different the food is.  After a very tasty lunch, we head back to the hotel to wait for Jacky.  It’s not long before the phone rings.  He says he’ll pick us up in about 20 minutes. 

We sit in the lobby and wait for Jacky and I watch the people as they walk by me and stare.  So after a painful 20 minutes or so, Jacky and his partner arrive.  We hop in his car and I say a short prayer as we head into the traffic.  His new office is about 15 minutes away and in strange neighborhood.  Not sure if it’s business or residential; I just can’t tell.

He opens a large garage door to enter and I’m not sure what to expect.  Again we head up a flight of stairs to the next floor and I’m blown away.  This place is absolutely lovely.  He just moved in within the last three days and he has done a great job.  It’s clean with lots of space and very organized.  He has a small display of mannequins that show off some of his past work.  There are four desks with phones and computers and a beautiful tea server (very traditional here in China).

So we sit down and his partner serves tea, but I don’t like tea so I feel bad that I refused.  Who doesn’t like tea?  But we talk for a while about our plans and he explains every detail about how he handles the business of manufacturing.  Step by step he explains how he thoroughly prepares an order.  I’m just amazed how professional he is.  I am happy to be working with him on our clothing line.  I’m sure he’ll do a fine job for us.  Before we leave, we take a few photos and a short while later; we’re headed back to the hotel.  He drops Yuan and me off and says goodbye until the next time we talk.

Well, you guessed it, it’s dinner time.  This will be Yuan and I’s last dinner together.  So we head out to our favorite restaurant for a quiet dinner.  It’s been a busy week and I’m really tired.  I have to be on the road headed for the train station in Guangzhou by 8:30 AM at the latest.  Yuan says his friend will be taking me back to the train station so I’m glad we don’t need a taxi.  He walks me back to my hotel and says goodnight.  He’ll go back to his office to work and I know he will stay well into the night as that is his habit to do so.   Let’s hope I can sleep tonight; the long journey home is heavy on my mind!

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